Luba Mitnik-Gankin, Ph.D.

Senior Principal

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Dr. Mitnik-Gankin's expertise across multiple domains of science and engineering has been a key factor to her success in managing dozens of innovation projects for world-class companies.

Prior to joining GEN3, she held a number of positions in both academic (MIT, Northeastern University, Institute Curie) and industrial institutions (Genome Therapeutics, Protein Forest) in the fields of physical and analytical chemistry, polymer chemistry and cutting-edge biotechnology. Through these roles, she gained extensive experience in leading multi-disciplinary group projects. She has also presented data at numerous scientific conferences and is the author of multiple scientific publications, including papers that are published in Science and Nature. She is also a member of the American Chemical Society.


Dr. Mitnik-Gankin earned her M.S. in Physical Chemistry with Honors from the St. Petersburg State University in St. Petersburg, Russia and a Ph.D. in Analytical Chemistry from Université Pierre et Marie Curie Jussieu in Paris, France.